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Introducing arrii parrii ®. A high-energy, certified personal trainer along with a professional international dance choreographer bring you the best dance fitness moves, offering the perfect mix of interval training and entertainment, providing major cardio benefits while improving your physique, health, and mental well-being.


While other programs focus on one genre of music, arrii parrii ® lets you take a daily trip to countries near and far. From our motherland, Armenia to Greece, Russia to Iran, Latin America to all Arabic countries and more.

It's all about HIIT! (Hye Intensity Interval Training) You'll move slow. You'll move fast. You'll move to the groove of some of the hottest musicians—past, present, and up-and-coming too. With highly-energetic music that mixes international sounds with various flavors of Latin, electro-pop, and hip-hop, arrii parrii ® will make you want to get up and dance, helping you get fit without even realizing you're working out.

How it all started:

arrii parrii ®

As a personal trainer who spent most of his life in and around athletics, our resident fitness guru and founder, Tigran Grigoryan (aka Tiggy) has always been passionate about not only his health, but that of the Armenian and Middle Eastern communities, and the world at large.

With fitness always top of mind, one day as he was leaving an Armenian wedding with his mom, full of joy and perspiration from all the dancing, the idea sparked; Tiggy turned to his mom and asked: “how can we do the impossible and make working out fun?” After all, everyone wants to be fit, but no one wants to work out.

The answer: combine the joy of Armenian and international music/dance with fitness. Why? Because dancing is a universal language that makes you feel good. It makes you forget about your worries, allows you to let loose and get lost in the music. Welcome to arrii parrii ®, where you can work out without working out.

Tigran Grigoryan


ARRII PARRII ® Founding Father, Tigran Grigoryan is a Certified Personal Trainer with the world-renowned National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

He's also a certified Youth Exercise Specialist and Certified Nutrition Coach with NASM. Tigran is also the founder and executive director at Global FitKids Inc, a 501©(3) non-profit organization focused on creating fitness programs to inspire the youth across the globe.

A fitness entrepreneur, Tigran is also the founder of the revolutionary TigFit100— an all-encompassing workout program with proprietary fitness towels and resistance bands.

Eddie Babaian


Eddie is an award-winning advertising copywriter. Over the past 17-years, he has created ground-breaking marketing campaigns for global brands such as Hyundai, Volkswagen, Pepsi, Nestle, and Logitech. He's most known for his viral, Boston-themed Hyundai Super Bowl commercial entitled "Smaht Pahk."

Eddie is also a published author and fitness enthusiast, not to mention an inventor with several innovations currently in production.

Anamaria Tafur

Video Production Manager

Anamaria is Assistant Editor at Cineteller, participating and editing commercials and other content for brands like Princess Polly, Microsoft, and Quantcast. She is also pursuing a degree in Film at Occidental with aspirations of editing motion pictures.

When she's not in school or editing film, she can be found choreographing and dancing as a certified arrii parrii ® instructor.

Anush Manukyan

Head Trainer & Choreographer

Anushik is an International dance specialist with professional experience in many cultural dance groups featuring Armenian, Flamenco, Greek, and Russian Folk. She has danced professionally in Armenia for the famous dance group "Berd Dance Ensemble". Anushik also served as the Head Choreographer for the dance group at the Armenian Center in Paris. She is a proud member of the UNESCO Dance Association. Anushik's passion for dancing, as well as teaching dance to kids and adults, continues to be a staple in her life's journey.

Sera Shahgholian

Lead Trainer & Choreographer

With a strong background in Armenian dance, Sera brings her passion and knowledge of cultural movements, along with her love for contemporary jazz to the forefront. A talented dancer and empowering instructor, Sera is constantly working on her craft to become the best dancer and trainer she can be.

Marina Zakaryan

Choreographer & Instructor

Marina has been teaching Zumba and International Dance Fitness since she was a teenager. Throughout her teenage years, Marina taught dance fitness in her home country of Armenia and also traveled to teach at special events in various international countries. Marina incorporates light dumbbell weights in some of her routines creating a total-body workout that tones your muscles, improves your heart health with cardio, and enhances your mental well-being.


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